04.07.2015 - 09.07.2015

40th FEBS Congress – The Biochemical Basis of Life

Berlin (GER)

The congress will cover the entire spectrum of molecular life sciences with tentative symposia on: The Mechanisms of Gene Expression; Membranes, Receptors & Bioenergetics; Molecular Neurobiology; Structural Biology & Biophysics; Chemical Biology & Molecular Medicine; Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, and Theoretical Biology. In addition, there will be sessions on general science policy, careers and education, as well as activities tailored specifically for scientists in the early stages of their careers.
Kontakt: MCI Deutschland GmbH

06.07.2015 - 07.07.2015

C.A.R.M.E.N.-Symposium "Erneuerbare – Rohstoffe und Energie sicher und effizient"


Aktuelle Diskussionen und Entwicklungen werfen die Frage auf, wie es in Zukunft mit den Erneuerbaren weitergeht. Dabei sind Energieeffizienz, der schonende Umgang mit natürlichen Ressourcen und Erneuerbare Energien wesentliche Bausteine für die Energieversorgung der Zukunft. Welche Herausforderungen auf uns zukommen und wie Rohstoffe und Energie dafür sicher und effizient eingesetzt werden können, wird in den Fachblöcken des 23. Symposiums behandelt.
Kontakt: C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. - Centrales Agrar-Rohstoff Marketing- und Energie-Netzwerk e.V.
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16.07.2015 - 17.07.2015

Innovation Congress Made in Germany


Kongress anlässlich des 20-jährigen Jubiläums des Innovations- und Gründerzentrums Biotechnologie. Einer der Veranstaltungsschwerpunkte liegt auf dem schwierigen Finanzierungsumfeld für Gründer.
Kontakt: IZB GmbH

18.07.2015 - 22.07.2015

10th Biophysics Congress


Congress and Exhibition, about 1.200 participants from Europe and Overseas are expected to present their work and discuss their most recent scientific achievements.
Kontakt: Prof. Dr. Karl Helmut Grubmüller, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry Department of Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

19.07.2015 - 22.07.2015

12th World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Montreal (CDN)

important industrial biotechnology event for business leaders, investors, and policy makers in biofuels, biobased products, and renewable chemicals
Kontakt: BIO – Biotechnology Industry Organization

20.07.2015 - 24.07.2015

Summer School Quantitative Biology: Current concepts and tools for strain development


To enable biologists, biotechnologists, and biochemical engineers to pursue this interdisciplinary challenge, it is mandatory to strengthen both the mathematical skills of biologists and the engineers’ knowledge of basic biological concepts and nomenclatures.
The summer school schedule thus allows participants to familiarize themselves with relevant biological concepts from systems and synthetic biology, with mathematical modeling strategies and appropriate technologies and software tools. Biologists will learn how engineering approaches can help them in planning, performing and evaluating experiments, whereas engineers get insight into state-of-the-art measurement techniques that feed their biological models.The course consists of formal lectures, case studies and tutorials for hands-on experience with state-of-the-art tools.
Kontakt: Nicola Gruß, Dechema-Forschungsinstitut
Tel.: +49-69-7564-253

26.07.2015 - 30.07.2015

Biotrans 2015

Vienna (A)

12th Biotrans covers all aspects of biocatalysis with special focus on enzyme mediated cascade reactions, enzyme discovery, bioinformatics, systems bio(techno)logy, protein engineering by directed evolution and/or rational design, enzyme immobilisation, process development and scale-up as well as manufacturing of chemical products using biocatalysis.
Kontakt: Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry Vienna University of Technology


2015 NTN Swiss Biotech Innovation Day

Zug (CH)

This year's event features an academia keynote by CSEM and an industry keynote by Bühlmann Laboratories, followed by the presentation of current CTI industry-academia projects in life sciences. The poster presentation and one-to-one partnering enables further interaction between attending industry and academia stakeholders.
Kontakt: SBA - Swiss Biotech Association

02.09.2015 - 03.09.2015

Grundlagen der Rheologie

Frankfurt am Main

Rheologie ist die Wissenschaft vom Deformations- und Fließverhalten aller denkbarer Materialien und die Rheometrie befasst sich mit der entsprechenden Messtechnik, hier mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Rotations- und Oszillationsrheometern. Nach dem Erläutern der Grundlagen werden die entsprechenden Messbeispiele (Fließkurven, Viskositätsfunktionen, viskoelastische Eigenschaften) stets anhand von vielen praktischen Anwendungsbeispielen aus der Industrie anschaulich dargestellt und diskutiert.
Kontakt: Nicola Gruß, Dechema-Forschungsinstitut
Tel.: +49-69-7564-253

06.09.2015 - 09.09.2015

2nd European Conference on Natural Products

Frankfurt am Main

The 2nd European Conference on Natural Products will again bring together more than 300 international experts in secondary metabolite research. The conference programme – with a special emphasis on networking opportunities, the posters exhibition, and the interaction of industrial and academic research – spans a broad range of topics: Biosyntheses and Synthetic Biology; Chemical Communication (Volatile Natural Products); Methods (from Bioinformatics to Screening); Natural Products as Tools; Organic Syntheses; Structural Biology
Kontakt: Andrea Koehl, Dechema e.V.
Tel.: +49 (0)69 7564-235

06.09.2015 - 10.09.2015

9th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health

Basel (CH)

The 9th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health brings together some 2’000 of the most distinguished scientists and experts in the field of tropical medicine and international health. Participants will address new solutions for the most neglected populations on the planet and especially how to apply the best science for global health challenges. Throughout plenaries, seminars and six to eight parallel scientific sessions, the conference will reflect on global health challenges, neglected diseases, the millennium development goals and what comes after. The event will also offer a platform to reinforce and further promote public-private-partnerships and policy dialogue towards addressing global health challenges. The congress will provide a forum for scientists, politicians, NGOs, and public and private health experts to exchange new ideas and to discuss solutions to the global health challenges of today and tomorrow.
Kontakt: Federation of European Societies for Tropical Medicine and International Health/Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology

07.09.2015 - 09.09.2015

Design of Experiments

Frankfurt am Main

In diesem Lehrgang führen die Teilnehmer an einem Modellsystem selbst Versuche durch und erleben, wie sie mit wenigen Versuchen vieldimensionale Wirkzusammenhänge erfassen und mit einer geeigneten Software auch leicht grafisch darstellen können. Zahlreiche weitere Beispiele verdeutlichen die verschiedenen Versuchspläne und ihre Anwendungsmöglichkeiten. Die Auswertung mit Software und die Interpretation der Ergebnisse werden geübt.
Kontakt: Nicola Gruß, Dechema-Forschungsinstitut
Tel.: +49-69-7564-253

08.09.2015 - 10.09.2015



RAMIRAN 2015 is focusing on closing the loop linking rural production and urban consumption systems and on the development of more sustainable solutions for the handling of residues. Agriculture produces bioresources for food and increasingly also for material and energy provision. The majority of agro-products are used in urban areas where they are connected with waste and wastewater generation. On the one hand, these residues are actually disposed or inefficiently treated, on the other they have value for agricultural production.
Kontakt: Gerlinde Löbkens, TuTech Innovation GmbH

09.09.2015 - 11.09.2015

3rd International Annual Conference of the German Stem Cell Network

Frankfurt am Main

The 3rd International Annual Conference of the GSCN will cover the latest topics in basic and applied stem cell research. Beside international keynote speakers like Andras Nagy (Toronto), Paul Riley (Oxford), Hans-Willem Snoek (New York) and Lorenz Studer (New York) many scientists will get the chance to present their work to a wide forum. About 450 scientists and a poster exhibition with 200 posters are expected. Contributions on clinical applications in regenerative medicine, industry presentations and an industry exhibition will reflect the strong translational impact of the stem cell research.
Kontakt: German Stem Cell Network (GSCN)

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