23.03.2015 - 27.03.2015

qPCR & NGS 2015


The focus of the qPCR & NGS 2015 Event is Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Biomarker Discovery. Leading academic researchers and industrial contributors in the field will participate in the symposium, which will be an arena for fruitful discussions between researchers of different backgrounds. The Symposium Talks, Poster Sessions, Industrial Exhibition and associated qPCR & NGS Application Workshops offer an overview of the present knowledge and future developments in qPCR, next generation sequencing and gene expression measurement technology and its wide applications in research.

Kontakt: Sylvia Pfaffl, TU München/Bioscience –
Marketing Communication Consulting

24.03.2015 - 27.03.2015

International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology

Cologne (DE)

The international meeting presents the current state of research in the rapidly developing field of Cell Biology, a fundamental discipline for all life sciences. The format and programme of the meeting provides an international platform for presentation and discussion of the most recent and exciting achievements in cell biology.
Kontakt: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zellbiologie

25.03.2015 - 27.03.2015

Visualizing Biological Data – VIZBI 2015

Cambridge (USA)

VIZBI brings together scientists, illustrators, and designers actively using or developing computational visualization to study a diverse range of biological data. The conference features 21 invited talks that review the state-of-the-art and challenges in visualizing data from genomes, transcripts, proteins, cells, organisms, and populations.
Kontakt: VIZBI Committee
Tel.: +1-617-714-7000

08.04.2015 - 10.04.2015

BioNanoMed 2015

Graz (A)

Know-How-Transfer meeting for scientists, researchers, engineers and practitioners from Natural Science, Medical Science and Engineering Subjects throughout the world.
Kontakt: DI (FH) Margit Malatschnig, Techkonnex - High-Tech Promotion
Tel.: +43-699-19215844

13.04.2015 - 14.04.2015

1st European Conference on Pharmaceutics – Drug Delivery

Reims (F)

Scientists from all over the world, working in research and development of drug products and medical devices, scale-up and/or production will attend the meeting. Participants will come from industry, academia and regulatory bodies. The entire spectrum of topics in the field of Drug Delivery will be covered, including fundamental research, formulation development, pharmaceutical ingredients, developing and processing equipment, analytical technologies, medicinal products, medical devices, contract manufacturing, regulatory frameworks, stability testing, in vitro-in vivo correlations, in-silico simulations and many others.
Kontakt: APV/APGI/A.D.R.I.T.E.L.F
Tel.: +49-6131-9769-0

27th Annual EuroMeeting


13.04.2015 - 15.04.2015

27th Annual EuroMeeting

Paris (F)

For the first time ever, the EuroMeeting will be organised in parallel with the Clinical Forum. This will afford delegates unparalleled opportunities to interact and network with qualified professionals from throughout Europe and the world, and to meet a wealth of exhibiting companies, all under one roof. You will meet professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, CROs, clinical trial sites, health regulatory agencies and delegates from academia and patient organisations, and more.

Kontakt: DIA Europe
Tel.: +41 61 225 51 51, Fax: +41 61 225 51 52

Swiss Biotech Day 2015



Swiss Biotech Day 2015

Basel (CH)

This event will bring together more than 300 senior executives from the life science industry across Europe. Programme highlights in 2015 will include key notes from renowned industry experts, the presentation of the Swiss biotech report, and the annual general assembly of the Swiss Biotech Association. The Swiss Biotech Day offers a unique opportunity to meet top-ranking representatives of the Central European life science sector.

Kontakt: Uta Holmer, BIOCOM AG
Tel.: +49-30-264-921-53

Health 3.0 - Der Gesundheitskongress 2015


15.04.2015 - 16.04.2015

Health 3.0 - Der Gesundheitskongress 2015


Im Dialog zwischen Wirtschaft, Politik und Akteuren des Gesundheitswesens können Hemmnisse in der Entwicklung angesprochen und überwunden werden. Die Health 3.0 ist somit nicht nur eine dialog-, sondern auch eine ergebnisorientierte Veranstaltung.
Folgende Themen stehen im Fokus:
Patienten im Gesundheitssystem der Zukunft
Medizintechnik: Ein zentrales Handlungsfeld der Zukunft
Europäische Gesundheitspolitik – Zielorientiert und visionär?
International: China als Gast auf der 2. Health 3.0


8th International Meeting on Stem Cells


21.04.2015 - 22.04.2015

8th International Meeting on Stem Cells


Auch in diesem Jahr holt das Kompetenznetzwerk Stammzellforschung NRW führende Stammzellforscher wie Fred Gage, Jürgen Knoblich oder Shoukhrat Mitalipov nach Nordrhein-Westfalen. Mit einer Poster- und Industrieausstellung, Expertenmeetings und einer Podiumsdiskussion zu den Erwartungen der Stammzellforschung richtet sich die Konferenz im Besonderen auch an Nachwuchswissenschaftler.

Kontakt: Kompetenznetzwerk Stammzellforschung NRW

21.04.2015 - 22.04.2015

BioMAT 2015 – European Symposium and Exhibition on Biomaterials and Related Areas

Weimar (DE)

The Symposium addresses the growing interest of science and industry in the different aspects of the creation, characterization, testing and application of biomaterials and closely related areas. The motivation are not only the recent scientific progress and new challenges of this exciting, strongly interdisciplinary field of science and engineering, but also that engineers, materials scientists, physicists, chemists, biologists in industrial R&D as well as medical professionals are increasingly facing situations, where materials are confronted with high performance requirements and a challenging biological environment at the same time.
Kontakt: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. DGM

27.04.2015 - 28.04.2015

1st International Symposium on Recent Developments in Pesticides Analysis

Prague (CZ)

Participants will hear about advancements in technology, applications and future directions in the analysis of pesticides in food and the environment and they will have the opportunity to network with leading scientists, exchange information, and discuss challenges.
Kontakt: Friederike Jockwer, Thermo Scientific
Tel.: +41 79 50 44 774

29.04.2015 - 30.04.2015

10th International Symposium on Recent Developments in POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) Analysis

Prague (CZ)

The symposium will host the worlds’ leading experts for POPs analysis, including dioxins. At the event participants will also learn about integrated POPs workflows that provide comprehensive screening and confirmation solutions for industrial and governmental control labs. They hear the latest information on dedicated instrumentation, analytical methods, proven consumables, and tailored software complemented by laboratory information management system (LIMS) solutions.
Kontakt: Friederike Jockwer, Thermo Scientific
Tel.: +41 79 50 44 774


Informationssysteme zur Automatisierung in Biotech, Pharma und Medtech


Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an Unternehmen und wirtschaftsnahe Forschungseinrichtungen im Bereich Biotech, Pharmaindustrie, Medtech, Diagnostik und IT. Der thematische Fokus liegt auf Hardware-Software-Systemen und deren Bedienschnittstellen zur Automatisierung von Vorgängen, Tätigkeiten und Prozessketten im Anwendungsbereich Biotechnologie, Pharma und Diagnostik sowie in Labor und/oder Klinik.
Kontakt: BioPro Baden-Württemberg GmbH

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